Each year, a local special-needs family is chosen as the recipient of a home remodel. These renovations transform the child’s space to meet medical and physical needs while greatly enhancing their quality of life at home. The work is done by volunteers. Much of the funding is raised at our annual music festival, Bloomin' Bands.


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Previous Extreme Makeovers

  • 2018 Extreme Makeover
  • 2013 Extreme Makeover
  • 2012 Extreme Makeover

2018 Extreme Makeover

Kenosha’s Daniel Alfano, 18, was recently chosen as the 2018 recipient for the remodeling project. A big thank you to the Kenosha News for the great article and images shown below.

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Meet Kennedy Hohmeier from Kenosha who is the recipient of the 2013 Extreme Makeover. Kennedy is 16 and was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder caused by a partial deleition of the gene UBE3A of chromosome #15. Angelman Syndrom causes Kennedy to developmentally function at a 2 year old level. She cannot speak or effectively use any type of communicative device. She is unable to walk independently and relies on a wheelchair for most ambulation. Kennedy does laugh, smile and show general happiness and is a pleasure to be around which allows her to excel socially with a long line of friends, family and teachers. Kennedy's family was excited for an opportunity for the makeover of their bathroom as Kennedy relies on her parents and caretakers for her self care.

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Meet the Hellwig Family from Pleasant Prairie who was the recipient of the 2012 Extreme Makeover. The Hellwig's 11 year old son Carter was diagnosed at the age of 4 months with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy which has limited his mobility to mostly his head and eyes. Carter's family was ecstatic about the opportunity of the makeover since it would mean that his room and bathroom would become more accessible and functional for Carter as he ages.

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